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Monday, 19 October 2015

we have been busy dreaming and planning of our four-month trip away. converging the wish lists of three people, searching for the cheapest flights allowing surfboards, finding the best way to get to places, getting the best price for rental cars and nice places to stay.

i have compiled some of our favourite tools when it comes to traveling abroad:

a. rome2rio  it not only shows you the quickest way to get to your destination but all the different ways you can take to get there whether it is by plane, train, bus, ferry or car, along with a breakdown of the cost and length of the trip.

b. kayak — we used this site for flights comparison and it consistently showed the best deals, it offers the same services for hotels and car hire. we recommend flying during the week, tuesdays and thursdays are always cheaper, select flexible dates when researching for flights so you can pick the best prices. if you're considering changing your flights at any point, we recommend you book your flights directly with the airline company of your choice.

c. airbnb — we decided to camp for most of australia and new zealand, and stay in cheap hotels in bali, punctuating our trip with nice airbnbs along the way. airbnb is often a cheaper option than staying in hostels when you're not traveling alone.

d. dk eyewitness guidebooks bali and lombok, australia and new zealand this collection is my favourite, they contain an appealing ratio of text, images, illustrations and maps, which beats most other guide books in my eyes.

e. google calendar — to help us organise our trip visually and share with our family so they know where we are supposed to be at any given time.

e. friends  there is nothing more valuable than advice from people who have recently been in the country.

i hope you will find this list helpful, do you have any tips or tools you use regularly for organising a trip abroad?


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