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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

a few of you may have already noticed, rewilding.co has had a little refresh recently, an improved logo and a new layout. it's been a few months in the making but now that i am finally done with my degree (i handed my dissertation in a few weeks ago, yay!), i can dedicate more time to this space, which i am so excited about!

the logo: i fell in love with katie vernon's work on wreaths a while back and dreamt of using her skills to create something unique to complement my original logo. after a few emails back and forth between cornwall and iowa, where katie lives, we got to this beautiful design and i hope you will like it as much as i do. i couldn't have hoped for a much better result. it was important for me to create something that resonated with my surroundings, therefore all the plants used to make the wreath can be found along the cornish coast.

the layout: once the logo was finalised, i felt like a little more change was necessary so i picked a new theme from blogmilk to fit in with the wreath. blogmilk offers beautifully designed, minimal templates for wordpress and blogger. all the themes are limited edition, which means only a handful of people will be able to buy the same template. ana degenaar, the designer behind this brilliant concept, is always at hand for a custom request, which is helpful when it comes to making the theme your own.

there is still a little tweaking to do but i am very excited to share with you rewilding.co's new design!


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