surviving winter

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

with january over, we are a third of the way through winter. winter is always a challenging time for me and i get down easily when the days are darker, shorter and greyer. this year has been no exception, although i have noticed a slight difference: with st ives being exposed on three sides to the sea, the reflected light is multiplied three times, influencing all the colours around us as well as my mood, and i find myself refreshed every time i take a step outside. here are a few tips that work for me to get through those gloomy winter days:

a. brave the weather  there is nothing better than a walk on the beach on a sunny winter day, the fresh air battering your cheeks, even the rain brings pockets of beautiful moments. check my instagram if you don't believe me and this post about gearing up for the outdoors.

b. get a selection of tea — for when you come back from a walk and your hands are freezing or spend the day working at home, break up the routine and try new flavours or if you'd like a detox, give green tea a chance.

c. set yourself positive goals  small and achievable.

d. practice gratitude  take a few minute to reflect and write down what you're thankful for every night before you fall asleep, you will feel more satisfied about your life, noticing tiny moments.

e. find some indoor distractions — take on something new and challenging that you can do when it's too wild outside and you'd rather stay in. why not learn a new skill? i bought a knitting kit of wool and the gang at etsy house for days just like this.

what are your tricks to survive winter?


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