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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

it is the beginning of the year and as i try to get the year organised, i like to choose the charities i will be helping for the next 12 months or more. i usually pick organisations that reflects my passions and interests. i believe that by picking three you can become more engaged with the work they do and attend local events. it is also easier to commit to them budget-wise. here is my pick for 2015:

a. surfers against sewage  this is an obvious choice for us, our proximity and relationship with the ocean means we can only care about it. surfers against sewage works towards the protection of uk's oceans, beaches and waves putting issues such as water quality, marine litter, shipping, climate change, wave protection and toxic chemicals, at the centre of there campaigns. they also have a pretty awesome shop.

b. trees for life  inspired by the concept of rewilding itself, trees for life was set up in 2008 purchasing an area of 10,000 acres of wild land with the mission restore the caledonian forest. the prospect of one day reintroducing missing native species into the scottish highlands echoes deeply to my heart.

c. reporters without borders — recent events talk for themselves, close or far away from home. freedom of speech and freedom of the press are key to democracy, fundamental rights.
that's why i believe it's important to support the work of journalists, reporters, photographers and cartoonists around the globe, who risk there lives everyday to bring us information. reporters without borders publishes every year a freedom of press index so you can check the current status of your country and keep track of incidents in each country.

we will also be continuing to support the rnli for keeping an eye on us in the water and the national trust for preserving and maintaining amazing places all around the country such as kingston lacy that we both love to explore.

i always love to discover the extraordinary work of people around the world, who are you supporting or carry on supporting this year?


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