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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

from one of my walks with our dog

for the past weeks, it has all gone quiet out here. i was laying low for a little while and felt it was better for me to keep to myself and return whenever i felt back on track. it's been a long while, i know, but these things don't operate on a schedule.

whenever i feel down, i try to remind myself of this quote  'it is always darkest before the dawn'.
it somehow manages to pick me up and helps me find focus. i easily feel overwhelmed, overwhelmed by life, by expectations, by aims  often pressure i put on my own shoulders. but no matter how low i might feel, i have to remind myself that some good is awaiting.

sometimes when the wind changes, you have to adjust your sails. this time it might have been triggered by our move, the time it always takes to settle in a new place and the prospect of starting university again. eventually the fog starts clearing up, to see where you are heading.

autumn has settled in, the leaves from the damson tree in the garden are long gone and nights are drawing in. my mum keeps me updated with her latest foraging adventures filled with abundant wild mushrooms and chestnuts. the temperature has dropped and the wind picked up. the beach has lost all the laughter and screams as children went back to school. dogs have returned, allowed to run freely along the white waters once more.

things that help me when i feel low:

a. take time off, however much you need to adjust  whether a day does the trick or whether a few weeks are necessary
b. forget about the deadlines — make things easier for yourself
c. stop watching the news for a little while — too much negative stuff
d. do the little things that make you happy — whether it's taking a walk everyday to get some fresh air, go for swim or reading a new book
e. write down what you're thankful for every evening before going to bed
f. find something to look forward to whether it's the end of the month, christmas, or a trip away

what are your tips to lift your mood when you're down?


  1. Oh boy do I hear you! I find that just walking away for a while, taking some time for myself does wonders. And napping, napping always helps me because I'm a terrible sleeper and often find I feel down after a sustained period of bad sleep.

  2. Julia, this is a beautiful post.


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