current observations / two

Monday, 28 July 2014

summer evening light through my bathroom window

i am...

making / my first wedding video for lydia and dave.
cooking / black badger peas.
drinking / pimm's.
reading / gossip from the forest by sara maitland.
wanting / a tilt-shift lens  for my dreamy soul.
looking / the state of my laptop screen.
playing / a song from lydia and dave's wedding called oceans by hillsong united.
wasting / roasted peas fallen at the bottom of my handbag when the pack split.
sewing / absolutely nothing.
wishing / for success.
enjoying / long evenings.
waiting / for jack to come home from work.
liking / who i am becoming.
wondering / about the future.

loving / our new bedroom.
hoping / for some long days out with jack's sister eve on the paddle board.
marvelling / the tan line of my feet.
needing / to catch up with my blog posts.
smelling / the candle my mum brought me from france.
wearing / my favourite jumper all year around.
following / new inspiring people on instagram including ellen fisher
noticing / light changing.
knowing / more and more about bees.
thinking / about going to church. 
bookmarking / a modern way to eat by anna jones — everyday vegetarian recipes.
opening / a packet of bonne maman biscuit.
giggling / at the fact that i seriously considered that someone might have broke into my house to only steal my micro scooter before realising that i forgot it in my friend's car before my trip to glasgow.
feeling / excited about planning our trip to copenhagen.


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