cupping and coffee appreciation class

Friday, 25 July 2014

i got up early on a sunday morning last month  too early if you ask after an evening shift at work — to attend a coffee appreciation and cupping class with my friend beth. she is a very sweet person, thirsty for new horizons and discoveries. she has just come back from travelling in south east asia so the event was a great opportunity for us to catch up.

ever since i worked as a barista in a coffee roaster in australia, i have been wanting to extend my knowledge about the production of coffee, the roasting of the beans and the different types of brewing. 

we got to south coast roast, our favourite local coffee shop, for 8:30 in much need of a coffee to wake up our sleepy brains. we all got designated a small bag of roasted beans from a variety of different origins. after grinding each of our batches, luke who was hosting the session, initiated us to cupping techniques. 

we tried to identify different aromas and fragrances from beans and blends, to isolate different flavours and to spot what we favoured most about coffee. some tasted berries, others apricot, or hints of citrus and bergamot. we then compared the tastes of the coffee cups whilst hot and whilst cold and saw how some responded better at different temperatures. 

i would recommend it to anyone who want to learn a little bit more about coffee or just want to try something different early on a sunday morning.

24 richmond hill

next session will be on sunday 27th of july.


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