on the plot / july crops

Thursday, 12 June 2014

i started reading a few books to find out what we will be able to grow on our plot as we will only start working on it early july. i put together a little selection of vegetables and herbs we are hoping to harvest this year.

planning the allotment has got us very excited and this project has opened up a soft spot in our hearts, reminiscence of our childhood. it has spread onto my pinterest account and amazon wishlist, as well as my kitchen's window seal where i have sown all sorts of vegetables hoping to get ahead of the game. take a look at what we are hoping to achieve, it might take a few years but hopefully we will eventually get there!


  1. I'm in the same place, just starting out with my garden and wanting to grow veg. Unfortunately, mine is covered in concrete so it's going to be an interesting challenge. Loving your veggies (and the drawings), quite a few on my list too. Gorgeous pinterest board, new follower found!


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