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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

a few things have changed in the past few weeks, which have lead us to make a big decision: we're moving to st ives! 

it has come a year earlier than we had previously planned but as you know; life is full of surprises and nothing ever goes exactly according to plan. we're going to move in with jack's parents to save money for our own place, spend more time with his family and build our lives down there. i will be doing freelance work and finishing off my last semester remotely while jack is going to work in his favourite surf shop. 

our move is going to mark an important step in our lives and we are both very excited. we have started packing up our belongings including a silly amount of books and magazines and a collection of plants. summer in cornwall offers us the promise of long evenings, barbecues, walks down the beach and early morning swims. stay tuned! 


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