welcoming spring

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

spring is pointing its nose and it's time to say goodbye to the gloomy winter days. making a few changes into your home will help to kick off to a fresh start:

one / bring some nature in, buy a fresh bunch of flowers at the market and start growing your own herbs 

two / declutter your closet, dig out your favourite spring dresses that have been awaiting all winter and give any unworn items to charity

three / get a new perfume with fresh and feminine hints  my personal favourites this spring are daisy by marc jacobs, aqua allegoria pamplelune by guerlain and happy in bloom by clinique

four / get a new bedding set and brighten up your mood as soon as you get up

five / seize any opportunity to go out for a walk, breathe some fresh air and feel the warmth on your face

six / have a cup of tea in your garden at least once a day, clear up your mind and listen to the birds singing

what are your tricks and tips to embrace spring?


  1. Love this picture, spring is on it's way and I love it too ;-) You have really nice blog. Nice to meet you here, you have a new follower, love to read more about you ;-)
    ciao from Europe, all the best,
    ciao & with love,


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