sunday at kimmeridge

Thursday, 10 April 2014

we went to kimmeridge on sunday a couple of weeks ago, i walked around while the boys went surfing. i usually just wander around the beach and take pictures of them, but this time i decided to walk to the tower on top the hill. this tower has been intriguing and fascinating me for over a year now. so it was about time i gave it a proper look. a sign at the bottom of the stairs showed that the path was closed due to erosion, so i decided to check how far i could go. 

on the way up, i stopped several times to fully absorb the view. kimmeridge bay is such a stunning area, one of the little gems that dorset has to offer.

i found out about the history of the tower, which was built in 1830. the clavell tower was dismantled a few years ago and moved a few meters away from where it was originally built due to the cliff's erosion. the landmark trust, which rescued the building converted it into a one-bedroom flat available for rental.

i thought that would be an ideal present for jack's upcoming birthday, kimmeridge is one of his favourite places around the area. but it wasn't meant to be, this project has been such a success that the tower is pretty much fully booked until january 2016! i will have to keep an eye on the bookings and we will have to plan ahead to get the chance to wake up to these mesmerising views one morning.


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