preparing for easter

Friday, 18 April 2014

on sunday, i will be meeting my niece margaux for the first time and see my nephews — lucas, 14, enzo, 12, and sacha, five  for the first time in three years. last time i saw my youngest nephew was at his christening and the only other time i saw him before that was when he was only a few weeks old. i was about to move to australia and came back to surprise my sister for his christening. every time i get to see him, i realise how time is fleeting and how fast they have all grown while i was away.

i don't see them as much as i would like so it is always very exciting when we get together to celebrate the big events that mark our lives. my sister has thrown together a big party at the function room of the hippodrome for the occasion. it is a lovely setting and the kids get to run around freely. i couldn't think of a better way to celebrate easter than spending it with my family. after church, we will go egg hunting and i'll get to catch up with my dad.

i got a few presents for the little ones for easter, to shop these items, click on the little yellow circle next to each description.


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