dreaming of a cottage

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

i have been dreaming of a different life lately, different from what the picture i had in my head a year ago. we are staying another year in bournemouth so that i can finish my degree and jack can figure where he wants to go with his. and don't take me wrong, i really like bournemouth, it's a beautiful place to live, not too big, full of little gems and stretching sandy beaches. but the prospect of living in cornwall near jack's family is growing in my imagination, a seed planted by his mum i suppose. and family is very important to me. jack's family have welcomed me with open arms, making me feel for the first time like i belonged somewhere and i am very grateful for that.

i found the most perfect stoned cottage for sale in the street behind their house with a small garden overlooking fields and an empty restaurant we could turn into a cool little coffee shop — blending all our favourite things in life into one place.

settling anywhere has never been on my list of priorities, i am the kind of person who is always thinking about what country is coming up next, which new horizons to explore and new people to meet. i guess every ship needs an anchor and a harbour to come home to, maybe cornwall is mine.

where do you dream of throwing out your anchor?


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