a few stills from december: a special tree

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

christmas has always been one of the most important time of the year for me and getting a real tree is almost as important. on the last sunday of november, we picked up our housemate joe from work to handpick our first tree.

when we arrived at the farm, hundreds of trees of all shapes and heights were waiting to be put on display, stacked together. as we approached the owner, he told us that they weren't quite set up yet and that we were their first customers. we described the sort of height we were after, before choosing our tree from a barn you can imagine weddings taking place in. jack strapped it up on the roof racks and off we went.

we decided to make the most of the daylight left and went for a walk through the kitchen garden of kingston lacy in wimborne, checked out how the pigs, geese and chicken were doing, bought some books and stopped at the butchers on the way back. as soon as we got home, i started putting the few decorations i collected the previous weeks up and let inside the holiday spirit.


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