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Friday, 10 January 2014

i finally got the film rolls from last summer developed, this is one is from soustons lake.

dear 2014,

the end of 2013 has been challenging in many ways for both myself and people surrounding me. but it has taught me two important things:

a. i need look after myself in order to take care of the ones i care the most for.
b. although keeping busy can help you achieve, it can also devour you.

and it devoured me, pushed to the limits, it consumed all what i had left to give becoming all too much for one person, too much pressure and too much expectations. i felt raw, vulnerable, unable to cope with the slightest obstacle or withering word. tears flowing unnecessarily. my heart feeling weaker and weaker as the days shortened, absorbed in my own darkness.

but things are brightening up, i am slowly coming to term with something i already knew when i started this blog. i had to slow down in order to enjoy every little moments life is offering me and do things at my own pace without getting absorbed by our fleeting modern lives.

i needed to slow down.

so instead on letting it tear me down, i decided to put few things university mainly on hold for a little while in order to build myself back together, one step at the time, and focus on doing the things i love – photography, cakes, bubbly baths, writing, long walks, painting, reading, the neighbour's cat, yoga and jack.

to keep looking forward, we're planning a road trip across scandinavia for the summer! jack is so excited, he started checking out his camping gear and ordered a few maps. have you been there recently? we would welcome any tips about traveling and camping around denmark, sweden and norway.

i hope 2014 is looking bright for you too.


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