cultural differences

Friday, 20 September 2013

although jack and me share the similar points of interest in life, i am always amazed how culturally different we can be. growing up in two neighbouring countries, you would think that there must be very little setting apart, but france and britain are extremely different and the rich history of both countries plays a role in this. it's not only the food, the language or the landscape that draws the difference but deep down on the way we behave and things we do.

recently watched a comedy called 2 days in paris, which tells the story of a couple living in new york but visiting family in paris for two days. marion, played by julie delpy, is french, and jack, played by adam goldberg, is american.

he said that was just like us, and after watching it and finding myself laughing at the similarities between the fictional couple and ours. it was spot on, depicting such a realistic portrait, which seemed inspired directly from our relationship. we argue from time to time on the silliest things, which most of the time we don't even remember the next morning.

it was a sweet reminder of what's best about our relationship. if you get the time, i definitely recommend you to watch it.


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