Friday, 23 August 2013

the neighbour's cat has adopted our home

after an emotionally and physically draining trip to palestine on top of a stressful three-day long journey across borders before reaching home, i felt emptied of all energy and willingness to do the things that i love, which shows through the lack of pictures i have taken in france.

all the space inside my head had been compressed and the frenetic life i had been living was taking its toll on both my body and mind.

but despite the exhaustion, on the way back from the airport, the sun was shining on the platform and i felt, for the first time since i moved to britain, overwhelmed by the feeling that i was coming home.

i felt relieved as i walked through the front door to find that my house was still standing as i left it, everything in its very own place. this was my shelter, my place of refuge.

although the next day, jack’s family picked me up for a journey across the channel and western france to the region of landes, where i grew up, these 18 hours recovering and repacking helped me appreciate my home. for the past five years, i have been living in three different countries. making each and everyone of them my home, each in a different way and my friends are now scattered around the world.

over the past few weeks, i have been thinking about the sense of community and belonging that the palestinian people had showed me during my stay. it is something i also witnessed through ramadan and the generosity of the arabic people. i have been wondering about my community for a while now and reflecting on what defines it.

the oxford dictionary states that a community is:

                     a. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common; 

                     b. the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes or interests in common; 

                     c. a group of interdependent plants or animals growing or living together in natural conditions or occupying a specified habitat.

i am curious to hear about what your community looks like, and maybe it will help me find mine. 


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