struck in the midst of life

Monday, 22 July 2013

samaher was 27 years-old when she was struck by a rocket in her courtyard on her way to safety. her baby girl was barely two months-old when the incident happened. it was last november during the operation pillar of cloud. her stepson nedal was sitting on a chair, only a few meters away from her, and miraculously survived his injuries. the water tanks protected him partially from the shrapnel although he suffered multiple bone fractures. 

samaher's family lives in the village of khuza'a, south of the gaza strip. her father-in-law, awad, who is sitting in the same courtyard on the picture above with his granddaughter, samaher's little girl, explained how the situation had been very complicated for his son's family, 'it makes me crazy, i have a brain but no sanity,' he said. 'when you see your son and your son's wife going through an event like this, it is very difficult, very difficult.' he was sleeping in his house in the same street when the drone hit. he was woken up by the noise of the rocket and when he walked out, he realised what had happened. 

the first wife of samaher's husband, maha, feared for the rest of their family, which was only saved because they took refuge inside the strongest room of the house. she explained how after the explosion, the glass shattered and the house filled up with smoke, 'at that moment, i felt everything was ending and i told my children to say the shahadah because i believed that we would all die.' she said that what happened affected her and her children both psychologically and physically and left her husband's child without a mother – although she now looks after the little girl like if she was her own.

the rocket's initial impact can still be seen on the exterior of the house, where samaher was standing, as well as in the entrance of the house leading to the bedrooms.

her husband, najee, showed us the exact spot where she stood when she passed away visibly moved. he is a loving father, he cuddled and played with his daughter most of the time we were there. 

the little girl has grown up into a toddler – full of life – unaware of the tragedy that took away her mother.

a video will be available soon.


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