north gaza

Thursday, 11 July 2013

on our first day, we drove to north gaza.

along the sea, you can see israel and the warships guarding the coastline, a constant reminder of the occupation. the further north you go, the less densely populated it gets as this area is the first being hit during times of war.

we stopped by the beach to take a look at a hotel which was destroyed before even opening its doors.

then, we went to the village of beit lahiya, where we visited two families, which both suffered in very different ways during israel's operation cast lead in 2008. no matter what forms the suffering takes, under the siege, nobody is left unscathed.

the al-louh family found their house completely destroyed when they returned after having fled but they continued to live there for three and a half years before the government and an ngo rebuilt a new house for them standing right next to the remains of their old home. we made a video to tell their story.

the other group visited farah, a 6-year-old girl who suffered burns all over her body when she barely two years old due to the illegal use of white phosphorus bombs by the israelis during the war. her story is one of those that sticks in your memory, one of the horrors human kind is capable of reproducing without ever learning from history.


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