living amongst the dead III

Monday, 29 July 2013

as soon as we walked into the property of the last family we visited, we got distracted by posters of a young man plastered across the forecourt. curious, we asked what it was all about and who he was, only to find out that it was their 22-year-old son who had died only a couple of weeks earlier in an explosion caused by a gas leak in the tunnel he was working at.

usually able to hold my emotions when reporting on stories, even the most tragic, i felt visibly shaken. i am the same age as their son was and it suddenly put everything into perspective. i am lucky, lucky to be born in a democracy, lucky to live in a peaceful country, lucky to have a family and lucky to be free.

working in the tunnels is one of the only option the gazan youth has when facing high unemployment and hard living conditions due to the siege imposed by israel and the war.

the father owns a taxi, but the vehicle had not move in weeks because of the rise of the cost of petrol due to the events happening in egypt. so it stays parked in the forecourt until things get better – if they do.

these stories are those of people have been denied their rights for more than 65 years, a sinister anniversary for people longing for their land.


  1. I found your blog via Tim. You're pictures are incredible - they tell a story all on their own. Mesmerising. x


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