from cairo to gaza

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

we left at 5am and drove through the sinai to the rafah crossing. half way, we stopped at a service station and i shared a meal with the driver, we understood each other through sign language as i couldn't speak arabic and he couldn't speak english. he showed me pictures of his two sons and insisted that i finished my food.

then started the military circus of checkpoints and intimidation, we showed our passports, waited for a bit sometimes a while, and carried on to the next . two hours before reaching the border, we started being escorted by 4x4 before two grey military armoured vehicles took over. although we moved at a very slow pace, emotions were fast flowing and started to overwhelm some of the convoy members, particularly second and third generations palestinian refugees meeting their 'homeland' for the first time.

i couldn't wait to see what the gaza strip looked like through my own eyes and not the filter of television news. i feel very honoured to get the chance to meet the people of gaza and to be able to share there stories as they become part of ours.


  1. great job sis
    i admire your work, you exert an extraordinary effort in order to make something unique.
    Go on sis, you have a bright future in journalism.
    Hope you can give talk in your country about Gaza, the reality about what is going on there, don't give up at all.
    You gave me one pound and i will keep saving it as long as i breath, i wish i could gave you a simple souvenir to remind you that you have a sincere friend.
    I'm gonna follow everything you publish.
    Ahmed Mansour


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