el fayoum

Saturday, 6 July 2013

the next day, i hang out with ibrahim, who travelled to gaza with me. he introduced me to amira, an egyptian chef who works in lebanon. she was staying in our hotel while waiting for some paperwork to get done but given the circumstances in egypt she was delayed and had to stay a little longer. ibrahim is a third-generation palestinian refugee and lives in britain. a few palestinians are taking part in the convoy and you can see in their eyes the importance of returning to their home land. the convoy is made of media workers and activists and aims to produce media content documenting the reality of the life of the palestinians living in gaza in order to restore some balance in a very unbalanced media coverage of the conflict.

we met other clients of the hotel at the pool who invited us to come to a wedding later the same evening. i was very excited to take part in the celebrations as well as to attend my first ever egyptian wedding.

in the afternoon, we went out for lunch, learned the skill of road crossing without getting ran over egyptian-style – jack you do not want to see this – and took a trip to the mall to complete our outfits for the wedding.

we took a cab direction el-fayoum without realising it would take us over an hour and half to get there. on the way, i got to see more of egypt and its emptiness. we drove by an immense cemetery divided on one side for muslims and the other for christians. it stretched for several miles and looked more like a city than a cemetery with small houses to hold each family's dead.

it was night time when we got there. the bride was late so we got to know the family, first the grand-mother, then the aunts, uncles, and cousins.

she arrived in style, wearing a long white dress. everyone was dancing around them. it was a great atmosphere, you could see the pride in the eyes of her grandmother and family. they made us feel part of it and i am forever grateful for sharing this moment with us.



  1. i really appreciate your lovely photos for my angel sister,and i wish for you more successful in your life.


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