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Monday, 24 June 2013

last week, i attended tim coulson's workshop – the nursery in london. tim is a extraordinarily talented photographer from australia. i first stumbled upon his photography through lovetaza when he photographed her family and as soon as i saw on his website that he was coming to london, i added it in my diary with the hope that i could take part.

i fell in love with tim's work and the abondance of love coming through his photographs, the ones of kesh and roo, his wife and baby boy, as well as the families and couples he shoots.

i was lucky enough to be able to attend at the last minute and i feel blessed that i did. it was an eye-opening experience. listening to tim and kesh's story while roo was playing on the kitchen floor was truly inspiring. i have a lot of respect for people who have the courage to let go comfort and security to chase up their dreams. i also finally got to understand a few things about my camera that i struggle with for a while.

the night before i was so excited i couldn't get to sleep. i took a train in the early hours of wednesday morning and was hoping to see the sunrise but the sun was already out by the time i walked to the station. i have been following the lives of tim and kesh on their blog and instagram for a little while and as i crossed the door, it felt butterflies of excitement. i was meeting for the first time a couple that belong to the few people i admire secretly from the other side of my screen.

the atmosphere was very relaxed and after our first morning break, everyone got to know each other and it felt more like a group of friends meeting for afternoon tea, than a group of strangers meeting for the first time. There were drinks and cakes and the sun was shining through the window lighting and warming up the room.

tim started the workshop by giving us tips on emotional shooting and connecting with your subject before moving on to technical shooting. he explained things so simply and clearly that it all makes sense now.

it was a warm and beautiful day as if the summer had finally decided to settle. we had a lunch break in a pub around the corner and i got to know the others a little bit more.

the afternoon was topped up by a live shot in alexis's garden from something i made and a lesson on workflow.

the following day, the excitement was still there and i couldn't resist picking up my camera and shooting jack and our friends. i feel like i have a totally different relationship with my camera now. i feel like i understand it and that i can properly use it.

it felt like i got in this relaxed day the equivalent of months of unsuccessful teaching and it really boosted my confidence. sometimes you only need a push.

it was a humbling discovery to find out that it was possible, it was possible for me to become a photographer and even if it takes time i could achieve it. since i was a child, i secretly dreamt to become a photographer and admired a few talented people from a far. but as tim has proven, with a little bit of passion and commitment, everything is possible.

i am grateful i had the opportunity to attend the workshop and meet these three incredibly generous people. thank you for giving me the courage to start this.

so here we are, this is my attempt to documenting life, our lives and fostering beautiful moments.


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