bournemouth vintage emporium

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

i met up with rosie, nick and steve from sunday school productions last week whilst they were filming a promotional video for boscanova. i got there early and decided to nip down the road on my newly-found micro scooter to the recently opened bournemouth vintage emporium. i have been following their progress on facebook and had high expectations knowing nicki grainger from what alice found was involved.  
set in enchanting premises in pokesdown, a stone's throw from the boscombe's vintage quarter, the emporium opened its doors this spring. with more than 50 selected traders showcasing genuine vintage items and tea rooms based on victorian parlours, the concept store brings under the same roof a collective of eclectic vintage and antiques stalls. a hint to what could potentially be a fruitful future for a new era of sophisticated vintage superstores.

the emporium, by providing staff, secure premises and marketing services, allows sellers to focus on the quality of their goods whilst limiting overheads and the pressure of running their own shop; and allows customers to browse an ever-changing marketplace.

the forged gates and the open space layout definitely seduced me, but what set it apart from similar stores in the area is the quality of the products on display and the efforts put in the atmosphere and decor that make you forget about the ticking clock and enjoy a trip back in time.

  • 1172-1180 christchurch road
  • bournemouth bh7 6dy

open monday to friday 10 till 6, and 10 till 4 on sunday.

beekeeping diaries / one

Saturday, 5 July 2014

to shop these items, click on the little yellow circle next to the numbers

a few months ago, i decided to become a beekeeper.

most of my friends thought it was another of those crazy projects i came up with until it became a recurrent theme in our conversations. i would lie if i didn't admit the prospect of getting an average of fourteen kilos of honey per hive wasn't a very attractive thought. i guess sweeter than the sting.

not only i will be able to produce honey, but becoming a beekeeper will help me take a step further in my quest of slowing down and connecting with nature. plus, bees desperately need us. in recent years, the number of bee colonies has dramatically fallen, mainly due to what is called the colony collapse disorder and the use of pesticides and genetically modified crops in modern agriculture. this is something to be taken very seriously and which could affect over one-third of the fruit and vegetable we eat, as this campaign from whole foods market showed last year. so if i can do my bit to contribute to the survival of our entire ecosystem, i think it's fair i try. einstein said:

"if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. no more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man." 

as soon as i get to cornwall, i will look for a suitable place to keep my bees, sign up the local beekeeping association and get started, but first i need do my homework and learn the basics to understand the honeybee life cycle, their biology, how to recognise diseases and control swarm, as well as queen bee rearing.

if you're interested in bees, check the documentary vanishing of the bees, greenpeace's bee in decline report, the guardian's article 'what is the value of the bees?' and the national geographic article 'the plight of the bee'.

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behind the scenes of the etsy TV campaign

Friday, 4 July 2014

a little while ago, i got to work with etsy on the set of their first tv commercial. i felt very privileged to get the opportunity to film the behind the scenes video of the shoot and to take part in such a lovely community.

they launched a casting call in may and received over 1200 applications before handpicking 67 sellers and their products to feature in the advert. etsy is my favourite marketplace on the web, not only because of the nature of the goods  you can find a variety of handcrafted and vintage items  but also because behind each item you can see people, which was the whole idea behind the commercial. it's people that make etsy what it is, a platform full of personality, diversity and incongruous encounters.

a few of my favourite items from the shoot:

a. the dinosaur necklace from designosaurYEAH
b. the colourful trays from jonnaasaarinen
c. the delicate lingerie from luvahuva
d. the teepees from littlemeteepee 
e. the porcelain jewellery from madebymememe

find out more about the sellers #peoplemakeetsy

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